Hey friends! Thank you for shopping with us! In October, we dropped our first official collection, "At the Crib." It was exciting and new! We've decided to keep it going for as long as we enjoy it. Please (please, please!) read through the FAQ before copping our latest collection! 

Help us, help you. Checkout our FAQs below:

"The store is back! When will these be shipped?"

At the moment, all shorts are preorder. Please allow 3 weeks for processing and shipping!

"The shorts are here! What size do I wear?"

We've uploaded a size chart and very detailed size references on the site! 

"Where are the blue shorts?"

The blue shorts are currently backordered until May. We chose a mustard yellow color way with a monochrome logo (identical to the Blue and Grey pairs) instead! 

"I love the lookbook. I want to cop everything now. Why isn't everything live at the same time?" 

We wanted to give people an opportunity to purchase throughout the upcoming weeks. Also, there is only one person who runs the Instagram, this shop, inventory and anything else you can think of. Rolling out our spring + summer collection allows us to take our time, give you the best experience and make the least amount of shipping errors as possible! We're worth the wait!

"The blue and burgundy logo tees are preorder. When will they arrive?"

These colorways are currently back ordered and will be shipped in 2 to 3 weeks. Please note: If you order ready to ship items with preorder items, they will ship together.

"What sizes do you go up to?" 

For the Lounging collection, all sizes go up to a 2x unless previously noted.

"Why don't I see my size?"

If you don't see your size, it is either sold out or unavailable.

"My size is sold out. Are you restocking?"

No restocks. My brain only allows me to focus on one thing at a time— it's a gift and a curse. Once an item is sold out, it's gone and I'm onto creating new things.

"The bucket hat is one size fits most. Will it fit my head?"

Very good question. I spent months working with my manufacturers on these bucket hats! We even measured it against my head (it's big, ya'll.) The hat is 26 and 1/2 inches around. This means: If your head is 26 inches or smaller, it will fit oversized. If your head is bigger than 26 inches, then there is a chance the hat will not fit. We highly recommend using a soft tape measure to ensure fit as we do not accept returns or exchanges. Did we mention that it's satin lined?

"When are the new things coming?"

Everything soon come. 

"I'm not feeling it/ It doesn't fit. Can I do a refund or exchange?"

Sometimes, you're just not feeling it. We understand. But, due to Covid, we are not doing refunds or exchanges at this time. Please refer to the size guide, read the details, and lookbook before ordering! 

"My package is lost. Can you help?"
USPS is still going through it right now. If your package ends up missing, please contact True2Us.NYC@gmail.com about the missing order and file a claim with your postal service using the tracking number you were provided. 

"I have a problem with my order that isn't mentioned here. How can I contact you?" Shoot an email to True2Us.NYC@gmail.com with full details and we'll work it out! Please (please, please) do not DM us on IG as it does get lost!

"Do the hats fit big heads and/or natural hair?"

From one big headed person to another, I promise you yes. Our hat even fits over protective styles. I got you.

"My boyfriend keeps stealing my True to US. What do I do?"

Make him buy his own, sis! Our stuff is for everyone.

"Are you doing international shipping?"

We do ship internationally. But, please note that we cannot change the shipping amount OR send items as a gift to better accommodate our international friends.

"Hey, you live in NY. Me too. Can I do pick up?"


"I have your phone number. Can I hit you up to order + pick up through you?"

Absolutely not.

"I've known you since childhood. Can I get a discount?"

Hell no.

"Can we link up?"

It's still a pandemic.